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From Jennie Sargent, planter with PM mark. Powdermills Pottery ? Jennie has a mug with the same design.


Teresa Bettridge - I think this is the monogram of Mike Pratt - sorry, no other info.
Joss - This isn't a Powdermills pottery pot - Nic collins when he was here had a similar way of wrapping a P and M together as his mark, however, he NEVER decorated with trees.
James & Sam - I'm sorry that it doesn't help identify the item, but i also have an item by the same potter. It's very similar pattern but a different design. I'm happy to provide photos if required. I don't recall where it was purchased but the Mrs probably will. I also agree that I don't think its a powdermills pottery pot.
James & Sam - I've just seen a similar design for sale on Ebay, could it be made at Boscastle Pottery, Devon. They certainly look like they use the same process to decorate thier pottery.
liz - we visited boscastle recently and the potter said he was the only person to produce the tree effect
Mandi - I have had pottery like this and it was definately Boscastle and I think maybe Mocha ware or similar. Mandi
dave and jackie - Yes, this is most definately from Boscastle Pottery, we have a frew of these piece and find them quite hard to get hold of. It is the unique style of fine airbrushed branchwork that caught our eye originally. Nice piece.
wiil - hi it isnt airbrush ed it is a method of decorating using something strange like tobacco that makes the glaze crawl in treelike forms, willm update after a little research and boscastle rings a bell
will - http://www.cornishceramics.com/pcamelot.htm
Oliver - This doesn`t look too much like the Boscastle work where the mocha effect usually appears done direct onto clay rather than into white glaze - the initials would surely fit the Mocha Pottery at Cinderford better - see www.mochapottery.co.uk
Jocelyn - I think it's by Mike Pollard of Pollard Pottery. Mike often incised little open V shapes on the blue parts to look like seagulls, does this have any?
liam - Deff looks like Pollard's Pottery. But don't remember Mike having the MP monogram in his works.i could be wrong called mochaware,some had the V birds.It might have been brought from there as it was sold at different places over the country over the years he did it. No tobacoo in the glaze unless it fell out his pipe. the treelike forms were done by holding the pot upside down and it bled down like that. (grandson)
Lin - I have been collecting for many years and this is not Camelot Pottery. Here is a link; http://www.cornishceramics.com/pcamelot.htm
Andrew - I have four peices. Two have the M passing through the P, one is glazzed and hard to read the other has TIL 1988.
Margaret - Definitely Mike Pollard Devon pottery...Pollard Devon Pottery. From 1960s to 80s I believe. I have a mochaware pot by Mike. Best wishes.