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Mick Casson salt glazed crane jug David Leach waves charger Phil Rogers finger wiped vase

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From Simon Willcocks - This fine slipware jug is 23cm tall, made from rough red clay and unfortunately unmarked, any suggestions?


DebraRay - Looks a little like Michael Cardew's glazing or an influence of his work in Nigeria except the handle, no thumb knot, not all of his jugs had them but many did. Is the handle smoothed dwn in "Chinese Whiskers" in the back, or a mooshing of the thumbs as Mick Casson puts it? I have seen many of Cardew's pots (Pioneer Pottery) that seem like they have a stamp though. Listen to the interviews with Mick Casson, he said he, himself stopped putting marks on things, because if something happened to the mark,if glaze ran on to it or it wasn't very clear, people were less likely to buy his pots, he felt that this was an undue prejudice. If one liked a pot they should buy the pot on it's merits not on the mark it's self. Might be the case here, or just that many old world potters didn't feel their wrk was worthy of a marks. Sorry so long, good luck!
DebraRay - Try this web site for Philip Leach, I don't know how or if, they sign their pots but glaze and styles look very similar? www.springfield-pottery.com
simon willcocks - Debra - Thanks for your help. I have only just found the Springfield site and I agree that the work does look very similar but my pot looks much older(40-60 years?)than those shown by Philip Leach. I guess that Philip Leach may be able to help but I have been unable to contact him by e-mail. Regards Simon
zoe - Looks like a Clive Bowen , Sheepwash, Devon
simon - Whilst it is similar in some respects, I would be very surprised. I have several contemporary pieces by Bowen and they differ in feel and look to this jug, which also has some age to it. Also, this jug has 'dragged' marking whereas Bowen's marks are applied by brush. Thanks anyway!
tom parry - I have some similar pottery which I showed to Clive Bowen who identified a jug as lekiely to have been made by Philip Leach when they were working together at Sheepwash. He did not recognise the clay in the other pieces. I now suspect that they were made at Callander in Scotland by Peter Luti from seeing pots advertised on ebay.
Peter Luti - Sorry but this is not one of mine - only made a few slipware items at Goldsmiths, London in 1970. Am still on the lookout to buy back any stoneware that I made 1971 to around 1988!
mike - Try Winchcombe pottery
Paul Jessop - - Hi some one asked me if it was one of mine, sadly not but it is lovely.
Bry - Could Alan Frewin be a possibility, the glaze, decoration and clay colour are very much like his.
doug fitch - I'm pretty sure it is a Philip Leach piece - certainly it looks like Fremington clay fired in a wood kiln. Try this email for PL philip.leach1@virgin.net
SMUDGER - It's from the "Ravenscroft" "Kent" stable!!
pat - Hi Peter Luti i read your comments and i think i might have a piece that you might be interested in buying back if you contact me i will send you pics thanks pat
James - Looks very much like a piece by Clive Bowen to me - red clay, wood fired and un-signed.
Gordon Clarke - It's definitely Clive Bowen. Most of his work is unmarked and I have a similar jug from about 1985.