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From Al Baynham, any ideas?


Richard Smith - I have seen this mark identified but can't remember who it was. It regularly crops up as a Janet Leach attribution (obviously wrong!!).. If you turn it the other way up it becomes a TP - and I think those were the potters initials.
Wendy - It is a West German pottery, constantly listed on Ebay as Janet Leach
Fliss - This is Tolcarne pottery, no longer in existence. I sold one a few months ago on E-bay.
tom parry - Hallo, the previous correspondents are all on the right lines. The potter was Roger Veal who operated the Tolcarne Pottery in Newlyn. There is a little information about him onwww,studiopottery.com. He trained at Bath Art School anddid some teaching in Cornwall. This is one of the simpler forms which were, perhaps, aimed mostly at the tourist trade. He was mostly interested in more sculptural forms and the Carnsew Gallery in Hayle still has a very interesting stock of these. His wife is German and they have moved to Germany in his retirement.
Roger Veal - the stamps shown (upside down) is TP and was used for the studio ware.For my individual pieces I used a different stamp. Yes, I studied at the Bath Academy of Art, Corsham where James Tower was the pottery teacher. I then went to the College of Ceramics at Alfred Univ. New York.where among other good teachers, Daniel Rhodes taught.I was lucky to be his studio assistant.I then worked in Los Angeles and Texas before returning to Cornwall. I was invited to to set up a pottery Dept. at the Redruth School of Art, part of the then Cornwall Technical College. Tom Parry ,see above, is correct, I was more interested in sculptural forms and the formed the basis of various exhibitions I had. Not potting any more, but still collecting a pot here and there.
Hannah - Message for Roger Veal. Have just purchased one of your slab vases. Looks like a wine glass with a stylised fish coming out of it & a spiral above that. I love it. Were any of your pots featured on the front cover of an art book as this design is really familiar to me somewhere from my childhood ?!
mary - the jl is janet leach as confirmed in the 2005 millers guideof a slab vaseher style is nothing of the poor standard of tolcarne pottery
Jp - I have recently come across 2 pieces from the studio with a card from the studio. Trying to figure the value