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From Mark Nutall: A blue earthenware dish with a good set of marks, is it Taena?


Wendy - This mark keeps cropping up on Ebay and is stumping everyone- several have claimed Sid Tustin at Taena but I certainly have no knowledge of Sid ever being at Taena and it isn't much like any of his ST marks either.
James H - Also the Taena mark that is documented appears within a circle rather than a square! Having said that, there are plenty of marks that are not documented. I think it is more than likely a Taena. I have called the pottery before and found them to be very friendly and helpful. I am sure they would be happy to take a look at some images etc and confirm or deny!
mark N - I now have the dish feel it could be margaret leaches mark with another potter however margarets mark is usually in a circle I am to further research
mark N - confimed on contacting Taena as not potted there possible Llagollen
Amanda - Is the second letter definitely a 't' or could it be a lower case 'r'?
PhilW - This looks like Margeret Leach's mark when she was at Taena. Her Taena cross in a circle was different in that the cross lines protrude beyond the circle. Taena's do not as far as I understand. Suggestion.......thrown by Margeret Leach between 1951 and 1956 whilst at Taena and painted/glazed by someone with intials SR or ST ?.
Joe - Not a Taena mark, noone with those initials worked there. The style and glaze are also nothing like the Taena pots produce by Loo Groves or Maragaret Leach. There is a remote chance it was made there by an apprentice with a different stamp but almsot certainly another pottery.
wildbill - cumbrae pottery scotland