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From Aaron McKeown: A stoneware bottle, 22 cm tall with a mark that looks like back to back Ks.


Sam - I have a smiliar vase, bulbous, with a duck-egg blue glaze clearly stamped KS
Aaron Mckeown - Is it stoneware?
paul pots - A stunning quality vase,I have checked my book for the mark and havnt come across it.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX - Now listed on ebay - item# 180409346623
tom parry - I can't make out the mark in the photo but might guess at Colin Kellam - he marks with two Ks, one reversed. Haven't seen any pots like this from him though.
Mary - I believe this is Karen Karens from Vermont in the USA. Her chop mark is mirrored K's.
aaron mckeown - I emailed Colin Kellam & it isnt him, karen karnes is a good call but i cant find that much info on her.
aaron mckeown - Karen Karnes has inscised k's these are raised like a stamp.
Rachael - This vase is by Karen Karnes. Worth 200-500 USD
aaron mckeown - Thanks Rachael , Glad it didnt manage to sell on ebay for a tenner! Ive had it on display and love it.
phil - I would say more $1000 - $2000 for such a rare piece.
Ceramike - Sorry everybody, looks like I have loaded overwritten the images!
meg smeal - doesn't look like karen karnes work to me - she usually only has one stamp which is back-to-back "k"s - can't see your mark so clearly... of course I could be wrong.. you could email her (in vermont) and check -still working there - new book out on her work -
jake - Not Karen Karnes at all. Strict "KK" only, either hand written or stamped.