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Mystery Pot

Mick Casson salt glazed crane jug David Leach waves charger Phil Rogers finger wiped vase

Current Information

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From Tom Hutchinson : A pot marked AH with a top like a shirt collar


Colin Heg - Could be Agnete Hoy
steve - is this vase worth anything ?? and is the vase made by Agnete Hoy ??
Martin B - Hi Tom I acquired a piece with the same signature on the base. It's very difficult to decipher. I've looked ta the Agnete Hoy website where it shows the marks she used and none of them resemble this so it's safe to say it's not her work. It clearly isn't from looking at the work she produced. What could this signature say? The capital A is clear and then it looks like a capital H but what comes next? It looks like two dashes followed by some other letters. Is that a Y in there? Have you made any guesses Tom? By the way, I acquired mine in Norwich