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Mick Casson salt glazed crane jug David Leach waves charger Phil Rogers finger wiped vase

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From Fliss : A tankard reminiscent of early David Leach


tom parry - I don't have any books with me to check the mark but Peter Lane rings a bell.
Fliss - Hmmm, could be, the book says he did tin-glazed earthenware to 1974 apparently. Food for thought, thank you.
Jim - David Leach and Marianne de Trey produced similar tin-glazed work in the 1950s. Could the mark be 'LD'?
Fliss - I wish!
POTZ100 - It's Frank Robinson, Polperro Pottery, 1973 onwards. Do not look in BSPM as not listed properly as usual.
Paul - If this is David s work it must have been in his macho phase!
Christian Robinson - I can confirm that this was made by my father Frank Robinson of Polperro Pottery. It would have been made around 1972 as he was not really well enough after that, dying in March 1974 aged 42.
Fliss - Christian, thank you for the attribution. What a shame your father died so young.
John Sharp - lucie rie? She did tea sets like this. Also handle similar to Emmanuel Cooper and they where friends.
Glyn - Is this for sale
Fliss - Hi Glynn. Sorry, since Mike stopped taking new items for identification, I haven't checked in here very often. Yes, this piece is for sale. Do you want to e-mail me on mail@fliss0045.plus.com?
Lesley Williams - I would like to get a message to Christian Robinson if possible, as I bought several of his father's pieces in 1969 and remember him and his wife as very kind people.