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Mick Casson salt glazed crane jug David Leach waves charger Phil Rogers finger wiped vase

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From Catz: A small stonware bowl with makers initials and a bird


Diane - Dove Pottery perhaps
Jon - You know I have a piece with a mark just like this except the bird is more like a hummingbird and its above the MTP. Anyone have any idea the order of the letters in the name? or the studio that made it?
Jon - I have been doing further research and I think it might be from Turtle Mountain Pottery in Belmont, ND Ran from 1936-1942 was a pottery school for Chippewa Indians. Its very rare if that is what it is. These marks that we have seem to be the instructors marks and not the kids. These pieces are of a true master and not kids. This is why the marks are different I think.
Jon - I know who this is now. It is miranda thomas pottery. I am 100% sure. https://www.shackletonthomas.com/pottery/