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Mick Casson salt glazed crane jug David Leach waves charger Phil Rogers finger wiped vase

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From Mark: Does anyone recognise the signature on this vase?


Ralph - Hey. this looks like it says: Auburn, Henri, Aug 94 ... the Aug means August.. did you pick this up at an exhibition somewhere recently? there are lots of places called Auburn.. I don't know but, I hear there are many small potters out there..
Mark - I have two vases one other small brown one with same mark have been trying for ages to find out who potter is
James - Hi Mark, You bought both pots from me via eBay. I tried to find more about these pots before they were sold and found nothing! I bought these pots in a 'job lot' from a local auction house which included some fine studio pottery works. I know these pots are finely thrown and are fine examples. I hope you find the maker. Regards
Bazzer - Could the first word read 'Aubreu' and possbly be French???
Richard White - It is from Aubiac in SW France..the Gironde. The script is typically French
mark - thanks but still no wiser will keep trying
damian - Probably this guy: http://sculptureauguyhelene.unblog.fr/tag/ceramiste-henri-auguy/
mark - thanks Damiam I have located the website and potter Thanks
Robertson s - Who are they please?
mark - If you put the website in above you will come to site this potter is very skilled I have two pots in my collection can only find info on this potter on this site he is french
mark - potter is Henri-Auguy french potter