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From Mark: A unglazed pot with a signature, resembles Dameon Lynn


Dameon Lynn - Sorry, I've ever made anything as boring as that :)
mark - Hi I am aware the pot is not Dameon Lynn as I have a pot of his
David - "Dameon Lynn - Sorry, I've ever made anything as boring as that :)" No, you just make boring Hans Coper impersonations!
Dameon Lynn - My apologies David but please understand that one has start somewhere. One day my work might be as influential as yours!
Dameon Lynn - Hi Mark, I was only messing about, hence the smiley! People are pretty serious around here aren't they? Nice to hear you have one of my piece, I appreciate your support.
Mark - thanks Dameon not too serious about my pots have 100 or more to buy another of yours when I can afford it no offence taken
Ade - This is a piece by Aladair Dunn of the Arran pottery. It is known as a 'chuckie stain' which was or is used in a Scottish game!
Ade - Sorry that should read Alasdair!
Nik - This comes from Lanzarote. I have an identical pot bought from Artesania Lanzarotena in Teguise.