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From Louise: A squared bottle marked MC


paul - This is another evening class pot,in my opinion.One can spend ages trying to identify an unknown mark,but I am just suggesting some short cuts to the problem of identification,like what does the pot feel likle,does it flow,?has it been made by a practised hand-it shouold be because otherwise it is of relatively little merit.Ssorry I ve got to got to supper now,I will return soon!
Louise - the design flows around the shape of it and the bottle neck top is really well done to my amateur eye, it feels professional but then I don't really know I suppose - I've shown it already to a collector of many years who said it was 50/50 that it could be a hand-signed Michael Cardew, (!) so I find it hard to imagine that its not even professional studio work, it is beautiful in the 'flesh', tactile and weighty. any opinions welcome obviously, especially as I'm trying to learn! (Please be kind/polite though,thanks awfully... :-)) )
Mary - There are several potters (with degrees, diplomas etc) who, for various reasons, changed their careers and now "keep their hand in" at evening class!