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From Pat: A stoneware bowl marked Cp or possibly WP.


Elli - this is by Collin Pearson
Pat - Thank you Elli. I am thrilled if it is. Is this an unusual mark because I've not seen it listed against his name? It is a stunning bowl and has a fantastic feel to it. I can never pass it without touching it! Thanks again.
Wendy - Sorry to be a doubting Thomas but are you sure Elli? I would be really interested if it is as like Pat, I have never seen that mark attributed to Pearson
Phil Rogers - Sorry....definitely not Colin Pearson. Not sure who...maybe Philip Revell. can't see the mark too well....Paul Green?
Pat - Interesting! I am convinced now that it IS Colin Pearson, having looked at other examples of his work. On another studio pottery site there is my exact bowl (inside view). Maybe Elli can tell us if this is maybe a mark which he rarely used. The mark is nothing like Philip Revel nor Paul Green. It is a lower case c joined to a lower case p with 2 small dots under each letter. Click for larger image.
James H - Sorry, but this is NOT Colin Pearson. I agree 100% with Phil Rogers. I have seen many items of pottery with this (or a similar) seal. I recall it being somthing like Cooper Pottery?
Pat - James - I'm pretty sure it is! If you look at Studio Pottery site you will see the interior of a bowl by Colin Pearson and this is SO like mine. I have never come across this mark before but "Elli" who replied earlier, may be Elli Pearson who has a pottery in Orkney and MAY be related. She possibly may know more than we do. This bowl has such a special feel to it that I go along with Colin Pearson.
James - Hi Pat, Its only my opinion based on the seal that your bowl isn't made by Colin Pearson. I have been wrong in the past and will be wrong again. Let us know if you do get attribution. Good luck with it. Regards
steve - Colin Pearson from his time at aylesford Pottery the two dots are the same as david leach used at aylesford.
Pat - Thanks Steve. I will see if I can take some better pics of the bowl itself and also the mark and get them on here.
aki - nah no not colin pearson
paul - Hi,I m a potter also dealing in earlier pottery.In my opinion this mark is not C.P. because it is too crude i.e.not neat and fluent .The texture of the clay is too roughI don t recall any of his pottery being of this nature.the bowl is ash glazed rather conservative in style,whereas C.P.worked mainly in oxidised stoneware.Before that I believe he ran the Aylesford pottery taking over from ,or with consultancy by D.Leach.
Pat - Paul. It must be my photography then because the mark is beautifully sharp. The clay is not rough either, it really is lovely to handle with great glaze. I will get some better pics on here soon. Thanks.
Pat - Thanks to Mike for updating my pics. (30/10)
Pat - I will post a really clear pic of the potters mark.
John - Hard to tell from the photo but it seems similar to another posted higher up this list of pots by Adam? Richard has identified it as being made by Robert Tarling of Newport Pottery
Pat - Thank you John but not Robert Tarling. My mark is clearly CP.
steve - Check out Gordon Plahn his carries a mark that look like a cp
Pat - Still thinking about my mystery bowl! Have been checking on Cooper Pottery and Philip Revell and Gordon Plahn and it's definitely none of those.Nothing like their marks and nothing like their style either. Thanks.
Robertson s - Sounds like you got a Colin Pearson:)