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Mystery Pot

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From Howard: A 7cm tall earthenware pot, glazed inside and out, exhumed from a local garden


gina - looks like the work of George Skey,wilnecote works,Nr Tamworth,staffs-1862-92.
Darren - Same jar with "BQ" impressed on outside. Triangle mark underneath is different - almost resembling the pyramid with the all seeing eye above it and what might be "C & P" underneath triangle. Also oval mark with "Tamworth" inside, only half of that mark is visable. Any information on regarding the marks ?
Darren - Actually I discovered it might be "C & B" for Cotton & Barlow Longton and the mark is actually a triangle with a square above it. Just need to know the "BQ" and what it was for, I was told caviar ?
Mike - Have a jar. with the same marks. been trying to decifer them. only key and amworth were visible and the number 6 in the center. also the triangle and small square at the top with the letters "C & B" under.
Stephen - I hav the George skey 1 the lady is talking about I found it while digging in a back garden in Chester
Jaime - how much do you think it is?
David Bird - Picked one up today at a car boot for 1.50 mint condition with good condition complete stopper attached ,mine has F E imprinted just below dots a little bit faint so could be L E
louise - I have one, Skey Tamworth with the lid with YU on the side, C& B on the bottom, I read somewhere that the C& B is cross and blackwell
Steve - I found same pot but with WWG in a triangle. Any ideas on what they mean???.cheers