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Mystery Pot

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Current Information

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From Steven: A deep bowl, interior gilt on white, exterior green, red and gilt, unusual cartouche type seal


Yinchun - The seal has two Chinese characters. First rotate the picture counterclockwise 90 degree,then read up to down: first character is "Tao", means pottery; second one is "le", means enjoyment here. I guess the potter may be Chinese ,japanese or Korean
Steven - Thankyou, Yinchun, I am very grateful to know that. The origin of this pot has been a great puzzle to me, and it is most satisfying to have some genuine information about it!
Toko - This is a Japanese tea ceremony bowl (chaki)by Touraku Morisato. It's Kiyomizu ware. Current potter is the 3rd generation to carry the name. You can see the exact seal in writing on this page. http://www.e-hanafusa.jp/category/309.html