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Mick Casson salt glazed crane jug David Leach waves charger Phil Rogers finger wiped vase

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From Olwen: An unusual jug with a mark that resembles a fir tree.


Mark Nuttall - think your Jug is Alan Gaff of the Appin pottery who as Far as I am aware sadly no longer with us
Pat - This mark is not in my book for Alan Gaff.
Trevor - Hi Folks...just received a strange email asking for money with Mike's email address and sent to multiple recipients. I've tried to contact Mike via the contact link but it is temporarily suspended...it looks like his email account has been hijacked!!! Anyone know how to contact him? Can you imagine, I made a quick trip to Madrid,Spain and was robbed.My bag,valuables,credit cards and passport were stolen.The embassy has cooperated by issuing a temporary passport.I need funds to settle outstanding hotel bills,ticket and other expenses. To be honest,i don't have money with me at the moment. I've made contact with my bank but the best they could do was to send me a new card in the mail which will take 2-4 working days to arrive. I need you to lend me some Money to sort my self out of this predicament, i will pay back once i get this over with because i need to make a last minute flight. Western Union or MoneyGram is the fastest option to wire funds to me. Let me know if you need my details(Full names/location) to effect a transfer. Many cheers, Mike
Trevor - Has anyone else received this email?
michael - I recieved the same email and also found it odd.
Wendy - I got the same message and found someone with Mike's phone number to alert him that his email contacts had been harvested. I hope to God no-one fell for it or even answered the email
Trevor - I expect the person(s) doing this have their own twisted reasons and I expect the 'problem' will disappear just as quickly ;-)
mark - hi I got the email sorry ignored it as it was so strange
Pat Walton - I too received e-mail and posted it to Mike via contact page on this site as I have no other contact. When I analysed message I realised no Brit would say Madrid, Spain, whereas someone in USA or Nigeria might. I also took note of the small letter i's, the my self, and the capital m in Money. It also goes without saying that in that situation you'd contact family and friends, not your mailing list. I keep dipping in to this site to see if there is any word from Mike, and hope he can sort out the problem. Best wishes to all
Trevor - That's weird Pat, I can't contact him via the Contact link, how strange!
Pat Walton - Hi Trevor On the day I received message the contact link was working and I pasted message in. Now you can't use it. I imagine it will take time to sort site out and make it safe.
Pat - I had this dodgy email ages ago and immediately knew it was suspect. I contacted Mike and he replied saying he had indeed been hacked. Hope all gets back to normal very soon.
Trevor - It strikes me as curious that Mike hasn't left a message :-)
Pat Walton - I'm sure Mike must be very upset to have been hacked . Perhaps he's lost heart now his "baby" has been mistreated in such a way. It would be nice to hear from him though. Coo-ey Mike!!
helen pengelly - It looks a bit like Aldermaston?
Pat - Hoping this site gets going again in 2012. Happy New Year to one and all.
DTM - Try the 20thcenturyforum, it's great for identifying pottery and glass plus it's FREEE!