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At work in his workshop at Reepham - circa 1976

At work in his workshop at Reepham - circa 1976

Robert Louis Blatherwick 1920 – 1993

Robert Blatherwick was born in Lincoln and spent most of his life in the county. He trained at Winchcombe under the tuition of Michael Cardew and then went to St Ives where he worked with Bernard Leach. He taught at Lincoln School of Art and fired Ray Finches’ glaze tests for him during the war.

He then set up his own pottery, making earthenware ceramics in Reepham, Lincolnshire. The business was managed and run by his wife Marjorie, and they had a showroom in their home. He had three young children, who were brought up on the generated income, and he continued potting until his death in 1993. His work was strongly influenced by his experience with Cardew and Leach.

He created individually designed slab or thrown earthenware pieces, including domestic ware, jewellery, sculptural forms and tiles. His designs, bodies and glazes were constantly under review, exploring the possibilities with slipware and earthenware glazes. His later work used a black body. Work was often unmarked.

He was a Member of The Craftsmen Potters’ Association.



Received scholarship to study at Lincoln School of Art


Trained at Wedgwood’s, Stoke on Trent


1940 - 41

Burslem School of Art, Stoke on Trent


1941 – 42

Winchcombe Pottery, trained with Michael Cardew


1942 – 43

St Ives Pottery, tutored by Bernard Leach


1943 – 67

Lincoln School of Art - lecturer in ceramics


1967 – 93

Left teaching and set up studio pottery with wife Marjorie in Reepham, Lincolnshire.


My thanks to Robert's daughter Sue who supplied the information and images.

Earthenware with combed slip design, circa 1980 Bread crock made at Winchcombe Pottery- circa 1941 Range of earthenware pots in his showroom, circa 1969, photo by Bernard Walker, Scunthorpe Museum
Tiles - 1951 Sculptural tile doorway, Holton-cum-Beckering, Lincolnshire, circa 1977 At work in his workshop at Reepham - circa 1976
Earthenware dish - circa 1978

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