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Richard Batterham lidded jar Ray Finch vase Derek Emms bowl

The 2020 the coronovirus lockdown gave me the opportunity to re-engineer Ceramike.com as a new website - MikesPots.co.uk. Ceramike will remain as a legacy site for the forseeable future but will no longer be updated. It was designed way back in 2002 when most people used Internet Explorer on Windows computers, those days are long gone and we now have multiple devices, operating systems and web browsers, MikesPots site has been designed with that in mind.

Visit MikesPots.co.uk

Edward Hughes  Mike's Pots 

A visual celebration of British studio pottery

Edward Hughes  Edward Hughes 

Built by Edward's brother John to celebrate Edward's life and work

The Mingei Film Archive  Marty Gross 

The Mingei Film Archive

Marty Gross Film Productions - The Leach Pottery 1952  Marty Gross 

Marty Gross Film Productions - The Leach Pottery 1952

Clive Bowen  Gallery Lefay 

Photographing Clive Bowen pottery

StIvesModern  StIvesModern 

Consultancy services for 20th century ceramics and art

 Centre for Ceramic Art 

The largest collection of British studio pottery - York Art Gallery

Pot Easel  Pot Easel 

Precision engineered oak display stand

Northern Potters Association
 Northern Potters Association 

Still going strong after 30 years with 350 members

Pottery and Glass Forum  Pottery and Glass Forum 

A site to research and discuss all types of pottery worldwide free to join

Leach Pottery Standard Ware exhibition in Tokyo, Japan  Gallery St, Ives, Tokyo 

Leach Pottery Standard Ware exhibition in Japan

Midlands Potters Association
 Midlands Potters 

An organisation for potters in the Midlands area of the UK with currently 111 members

International Comparative Literature Association Congress 2004
 2004 Conference Hong Kong Article 

“The Marriage of East and West”: Bernard Leach as a Cultural Pilgrim - SUZUKI Sadahiro

 Canadian Art Database 

Bernard Leach and His Vancouver Students - A conversation

Gary Hatcher - Pine Mills Pottery
 Pine Mills Pottery 

Interesting articles by Gary Hatcher who apprenticed with David Leach in the 1970s

Crafts Study Centre
 Crafts Study Centre 

Home to archives of Bernard Leach and other 20th century master potters

Goldmark Gallery
 Goldmark Gallery 

Mike Goldmark's fantastic gallery in Uppingham

Oakwood Ceramics
 Oakwood Ceramics 

David Binch's studio pottery site

Mingeikan, Tokyo

The Mingeikan Folk Craft Museum, Tokyo - Pottery


 The UK's leading online information site linking potters, galleries and collectors

Agnete Hoy - Studio Work 

 Agnete Hoy - Studio work

Warren MacKenzie's Enduring Craft 

 Warren MacKenzie - Audio Interview

Spooky St. Ives 

 Spooky St. Ives - Off beat visit to the Leach Pottery

Ceramic repairs

 Ceramic repair and conservation