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British Studio Pottery

Winchcombe slipware mug decorated by Pat Groom Michael Cardew Wenford Bridge bowl Phil Rogers finger wiped vase

Tiled sign on the Leach Pottery in St. Ives

In 1920 Bernard Leach returned from Japan with Hamada Shoji to found the Leach Pottery in St. Ives.
Click the Leach Pottery tiles above to view a Leach St. Ives potters family tree.

Plate Design Evolution

Leach Pottery - Plate Design

Old Standard Ware Range

Leach Pottery - Old Standardware Range

British Studio Potters' Marks - New Edition

Remembering Mick Casson
Ladi Kwali - Winchcombe 1962

York Art Gallery
York Art Gallery - Centre of Ceramic Art

New Centre of Ceramic Art - Recently Opened

David Ballantyne - 25 Years on

The Ballantyne famlily have created a new website as a tribute to David on the 25th anniversary of his passing.

Pot Easel

The Pot Easel

A precision engineered adjustable oak stand, just right for your cherished plate, charger or dish.

Now also available in Black!

Form and Function

Functional pottery is made to be used and at the same time give pleasure to the user. Click one of the pots below to view my gallery by form and make your judgement on how well the potter has fulfilled his or her task.

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Recent Gallery Images

Mick Casson jug  Geoffrey Whiting tea pot  Edward Hughes fluted tenmoku bowl 


Wendy Salt (Aislaby Pottery) - Click to enter the saleroom  Warren MacKenzie - American Potter - Click to enter bookshop   Lisa Katzenstein Vase - Click to enter the saleroom 

Recent Updates

22/11/2015 Gallery - Mick Casson
22/11/2015 Gallery - Geoffrey Whiting
20/11/2015 Sold Pots - Peter Sparrey
19/11/2015 Sold Pots - John Harlow
23/09/2015 Exhibitions - Robin Welch
23/09/2015 Exhibitions - David Leach
21/09/2015 Gallery - Edward Hughes
21/09/2015 Leach Tree - Joe Finch
21/09/2015 Noticeboard - Ceramics in the City
18/08/2015 Noticeboard - Muchelney Pottery
01/08/2015 Home - David Ballantyne
28/07/2015 Museums - York Art Gallery
27/07/2015 Gallery - Style change
16/07/2015 Home - British Studio Potters' Marks
16/07/2015 Festivals - Art in Clay 2015
16/07/2015 Exhibitions - Long Room Gallery
16/07/2015 Gallery - Mick Casson bin
16/07/2015 Gallery - Wenford Bridge Pottery Jug
16/07/2015 Gallery - Mike Dodd vase
16/07/2015 Gallery - Mike Dodd vase
16/07/2015 Gallery - David Leach vase
16/07/2015 Gallery - Susanne Lukacs-Ringel salt
16/07/2015 Gallery - Susanne Lukacs-Ringel plate
16/07/2015 Gallery - Susanne Lukacs-Ringel plate
16/07/2015 Gallery - Susanne Lukacs-Ringel plate
16/07/2015 Gallery - Susanne Lukacs-Ringel plate
16/07/2015 Bookshop - Lots of books sold
20/02/2015 Gallery - Leach Pottery Coffee Set
14/01/2015 Gallery - Leach Pottery Mead Set
08/12/2014 Exhibitions - Michael Cardew
02/12/2014 Gallery - Phil Rogers
02/12/2014 Gallery - Geoffery Whiting
02/12/2014 Gallery - Robert Sanderson
05/11/2014 Noticeboard - Sidney Tustin
01/11/2014 Exhibitions - Oxford Fair
15/10/2014 Gallery - Mick Casson
14/10/2014 Gallery - Tim Lake
12/10/2014 Exhibitions - David and Margaret Frith

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Lidded jar by Colin Pearson Brush pot by Geoffrey Whiting Teapot by Mark Griffiths Jug by Mick Casson Dish from tha Leach Pottery Bowl by Simon Leach Tea cup by David Lloyd-Jones Vase by Phil Rogers

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